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1959, Disney, 93 min, USA, Dir: Robert Stevenson

This enchanting comic fantasy features a young Sean Connery in his first starring role. Lovable scalawag Darby (Albert Sharpe) loves to tell tales of leprechauns. Little does anyone suspect that he really does have a direct line on a pot of gold, but he must find a way to get it away from shrewd leprechaun King Brian. With beautiful design work by Carroll Clark and visual effects by Peter Ellenshaw and Eustace Lycett.

1956, Warner Bros., 119 min, USA, Dir: John Ford

John Wayne gives the performance of his career as Ethan Edwards, a deeply troubled Civil War veteran who heads off in search of his kidnapped niece (Natalie Wood) and becomes more obsessive and irrational as his journey progresses. Through Wayne's character, Ford explores the contradictions and dark side of the American frontier.

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