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1982, New World Pictures, 77 min, USA, Dir: Amy Holden Jones

“You bring the pizza … I’ll bring the drill.” A horror film written and directed by women that proves the ladies can serve up the slaughter just as well as the boys, as a group of high school girls decides to throw a slumber party that turns into a night of terror when an escaped lunatic crashes the party with his big power drill. Written with a feminist slant as a critique of the slasher genre, THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE is a rare exploitation film that delivers the goods to the audience while having something deeper to say.

1984, MPM, 93 min, USA, Dir: Danny Steinmann

“There’s a time for revenge, and your time has come.” Linda Blair channels her inner Charles Bronson after a ruthless gang of drug-dealing dirtbags assaults her mute sister (played by scream queen Linnea Quigley) and murders her friend. Armed with crossbow, bear trap and a killer soundtrack, Blair seeks vengeance in this slice of ’80s cheese and sleaze.

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