2017, Rai Com, 103 min, Italy, Dir: Gianni Amelio

Renato Carpentieri won the Italian Golden Globes Best Actor award as retired lawyer Lorenzo, a self-centered grouch with a heart of gold. His health failing and estranged from his family, Lorenzo grows close to the new family next door - but the neighboring household is not as happy as it seems, and catastrophe awaits. Amelio’s adaptation of Lorenzo Moreno’s prize-winning novel The Temptation to Be Happy is both a powerfully acted character study and an evocative portrait of middle-class Naples.

2016, TLA Releasing, 102 min, Italy, Dir: Ivan Cotroneo

With its themes of homophobia and bullying in school, this coming-of-age drama about three teen outcasts could not be more timely. Withdrawn basketball player Antonio (Leonardo Pazzagli), promiscuous Blu (Valentina Romani) and flamboyantly gay Lorenzo (Rimau Ritzberger Grillo) band together against the taunts of schoolmates - until a kiss shatters their unity.

2012, Rai International Sales, 90 min, Italy, Dir: Leonardo Di Costanzo

In an abandoned building in the suburbs of Napoli, teen boy Salvatore (Alessio Gallo) is told by the local crime boss to guard wild child Veronica (Francesca Riso); as the day progresses, they explore the giant building and develop an unusual rapport. The debut feature from documentarian Leonardo Di Costanzo earned the David di Donatello for Best New Director. In Italian with English subtitles.

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