2019, 94 min, Dir: Abe Forsythe

Beyond Fest alumnus Abe Forsythe describes his all-killer, no-filler second feature as an “R-rated Pixar film.” Dave (Alexander England) is a washed-up millennial musician going nowhere fast after a vicious breakup. Desperate to impress his nephew’s kindergarten teacher, Miss Caroline (a stupendous Lupita Nyong'o), he agrees to help chaperone the kids on an excursion to the petting zoo. When zombies escape from the military base next door, Dave, Caroline and TV personality Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad) must work together to keep the kids alive and survive the flesh-hungry hordes.

2016, 90 min, Dir: Abe Forsythe

Director Abe Forsythe’s audacious debut is set during the 2005 Cronulla riots in Australia, in which Lebanese and Australian youths clashed in racially motivated fights. On one side is Jason and his crew, whose concern that Middle Easterners are taking over their town leads them to patrol the neighborhood (and hopefully bash some heads); on the other side, Nick and his gang are tired of being treated as second-class citizens in the country they were born in, and will defend their freedom (as soon as they get some weapons). The inevitable showdown between these groups is the battlefield in which Forsythe skewers every stereotype under the sun.

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