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1981, Universal, 99 min, Dir: Bruce Malmuth

In this inventive action-thriller, Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams star as New York City cops tasked with bringing down an international terrorist played by the inimitable Rutger Hauer. “Nighthawks is an exciting cops and killers yarn with Sylvester Stallone to root for and cold-blooded Rutger Hauer to hate.” – Variety, 1980.

1983, Universal, 99 min, USA, Dir: Joe Alves

The Brody family is back in the third installment of the JAWS series, starring Dennis Quaid and Bess Armstrong. This time out, police chief Brody’s son is all grown up and ready to marry a killer whale biologist when an undersea exhibit opens at the local Sea World resort and a great white shark sneaks in. As Quaid, Armstrong and crew deal with the ensuing havoc, they soon realize the situation is even more dangerous than they thought. The 3-D cinematography gets the audience closer to the action than they’ve ever been, from waterskiing human pyramids to a realistic and terrifying wave of destruction.

1984, 94 min, Dir: Hy Averback

It’s sun, surf, partying, love and jail time as a group of co-eds make a trek to Fort Lauderdale for a spring break to remember. Carole is taking time away from her steady boyfriend. Jennie is being courted by both a rich classical pianist she idolizes and a down-to-earth rock musician. Sandra is on the lookout for Mr. Right, while Laurie is looking for Mr. RIGHT NOW! The closing musical showdown between Jennie’s suitors will tug your heartstrings and make you get up and dance.

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