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2016, WellGo USA, 119 min, Dir: Benny Chan

Director Benny Chan's latest is a visually stunning mix of classic Westerns and old-school wuxia films set in early 20th century China as warring factions plague the land. The cruel and vicious Warlord Cao has seized Stone City and now targets the small village of Pucheng. Sheriff Yang tries to keep law and order with a small group of men, until the violent arrival of Cao’s son, Shaolin (Louis Koo, in major villain mode). When Yang arrests him, Cao’s army vows to slaughter everyone unless Shaolin is released; the inevitable showdown will be bloody and brutal. Action supervisor Sammo Hung really outdoes himself here, staging wild stunts and crazy fights with every weapon conceivable. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

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