1947, 20th Century Fox, 66 min, USA, Dir: Eugene Forte

When a body is discovered in a burned-out car, the police have to ID the victim before they can hunt down the killer. This down-and-dirty B movie compresses a jailbreak, adultery and uxoricide into a breakneck story with a startling denouement. One of the best offerings from the redoubtable Sol Wetzel-helmed B unit at Fox. Starring Jean Rogers, Richard Travis, Larry J. Blake, John Eldredge and Robert Shayne. An ultra-rarity that can only be seen at NOIR CITY!

1946, Janus Films, 70 min, USA, Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer

“Whichever way you turn, fate sticks out a foot to trip you” in this low-budget noir classic. Hitchhiking to Hollywood, loser Tom Neal takes several wrong turns and ends up on the expressway to hell - Ann Savage plays the vixenish vagabond who ushers him there. She ends up paying a stiff toll herself.

1923, Universal, 65 min, USA, Dir: Herbert Blaché

Directed by Herbert Blache (husband of Alice Guy Blache) this risqué gem tells a bizarre tale of dual personality and psychological domination. Star Gladys Walton, who met her real life boyfriend Al Capone on the set of this film, delivers an outstanding performance as the virtuous Joy and as Joy’s sadistic alter-ego, the leopard skin-clad, whip-wielding Edna. Handsome Malcolm McGregor is the man who loves Joy, and Etta Lee plays Ah May, Joy’s devoted lesbian maid. Don’t miss this rare chance to see this rare, ahead-of-its-time shocker from Universal Studios.

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