1979, 105 min, Spain, Dir: Iván Zulueta

This brooding cult masterpiece focuses on drug-addicted Madrid director José Sirgado (Eusebio Poncela), who is trying to finish his vampire movie when he gets a package from fellow filmmaker Pedro P. (Will More); the audiovisual materials it contains lead José on a one-way trip down a hallucinatory rabbit hole. Co-starring Almodóvar favorite Cecilia Roth, ARREBATO is loaded with symbolism, and one of the few films to truly capture the mesmerizing nature of cinema.

1986, Sony Pictures Classics, 106 min, Spain, Dir: Pedro Almodóvar

Director Pedro Almodóvar’s perverse portrait of serial killers in love. Crippled bullfighter Nacho Martinez finds himself drawn to mesmerizing black widow Assumpta Serna. Antonio Banderas co-stars as Angel, a young toreador desperate to prove his manhood (and possessed by strange psychic visions). "In Spain, bullfighting is more sacred than God" – Almodóvar. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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