1920, 75 min, USA, Dir: Tod Browning

This action-packed crime thriller by director Tod Browning (DRACULA, FREAKS, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT) features Lon Chaney in dual roles: as the frighteningly intense, vengeful Black Mike Sylva; and, proving his billing as the Man of a Thousand Faces, as Ah Wing, student of philosophy. With a solid performance by Priscilla Dean as Molly, who is diverted from her life of crime by Confucian wisdom.

1921, 51 min, USA, Dir: Sam Wood

Hollywood's first great child star, Jackie Coogan, stars in this delightful comedy. Producer Irving Lesser lost no time in finding the right vehicle for Coogan following his sensational success in Chaplin's THE KID. Similar to Dennis the Menace, Peck's Bad Boy begun in the 1880s as a series of newspaper articles by George Wilbur Peck, was soon adapted into a Broadway play and, by the end of the nineteenth century, was a staple of theatrical road companies.

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