2007, Discovery Films, 99 min, USA, Dir: Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger traveled to Antarctica’s McMurdo Research Station to profile not just the region’s icy vistas and endangered species but also the scientists and support personnel whose work has brought them to the end of the world. Herzog dedicated this Oscar-nominated documentary to critic Roger Ebert, who rightly called the film “a poem of oddness and beauty.”

2016, Netflix, 104 min, UK/Germany/Canada, Dir: Werner Herzog

In this spectacular documentary, acclaimed director Werner Herzog travels with Clive Oppenheimer, one of the world’s leading volcanologists, to hot spots in the South Pacific, Ethiopia, Iceland and North Korea. Though nature at its most fiery and violent gets plenty of screen time, Herzog is equally interested in human nature, as scientists and indigenous people deal with the unpredictability of life in the midst of active volcanos. “A metaphysical exploration of the wonders and terrors of nature as well as the fragility and comedy of human life, complete with beautiful cinematography.” - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

2013, Investigation Discovery, 208 min, USA, Dir: Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog continues the exploration of capital punishment that he began with 2011’s INTO THE ABYSS with four new, 52-minute documentaries profiling condemned inmates: PORTRAIT: DOUGLAS FELDMAN, PORTRAIT: ROBERT FRATTA, PORTRAIT: BLAINE MILAM and PORTRAIT: DARLIE ROUTIER. These case studies of convicts on death row powerfully examine the ethics of the death penalty and the humanity of the accused without resorting to easy answers or preaching. Herzog’s talent for observing eccentric behavior and his obsession with probing complex issues are both on triumphant display in this ambitious piece of cinematic moral inquiry.

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