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2014, Park Entertainment, 102 min, Canada, Dir: Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks

Blessed with endless nudity, wall-to-wall gore and a kick-ass soundtrack, this is the perfect late night movie! The world’s greatest editor (Adam Brooks) is reduced to cutting exploitation fare after he loses several fingers in an accident - and the finger of suspicion falls on him when actors in his latest film fall victim to a killer. This loving giallo homage from Winnipeg’s Astron-6 collective costars Udo Kier, Laurence R. Harvey and Tristan Risk.

1977, 20th Century Fox, 100 min, Italy, Dir: Dario Argento

Jessica Harper, Joan Bennett and Udo Kier star in this landmark giallo inspired by an essay by 19th-century opium eater Thomas De Quincey. Argento’s magnum opus (the first of his “Three Mothers” trilogy) mixes witchcraft, nubile young flesh and expressionist set design into a truly hellish brew. SUSPIRIA is as visually ravishing as it is violent; its director explained the film’s distinctive look as “trying to reproduce the color of Walt Disney’s SNOW WHITE.” Goblin’s eerie prog-rock soundtrack envelopes listeners in a web of Moog, Mellotron and guitar, and has been sampled in everything from Hong Kong action films to hip-hop songs.

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