1994, Vinegar Syndrome, 82 min, Dir: Stewart Raffill

In this brilliant hybrid of sci-fi, offbeat comedy and rom-com, Michael is a high school student in love with his sweetheart, Tammy. The two of them lead fairly normal lives, barring regular fights with Tammy’s ex, the school bully, Billy. But when Michael is killed trying to escape Billy and his thugs, his body is stolen by evil scientist Dr. Wachenstein, who transfers his brain into a giant, mechanical T-Rex. Soon, Michael is wreaking havoc on his high school tormentors, continuing his romance with Tammy AND trying to stop the evil doctor - as a dinosaur! Featuring the holy trifecta of Paul Walker, Denise Richards and Terry Kiser in the lead roles and stellar work by SFX legend John Carl Buechler, TAMMY AND THE T-REX is a weirdo classic that deserves to be seen on a big screen in all its splatterific gore.

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