2001, Well Go Pictures, 126 min, Japan, Dir: Takashi Miike

Adapted from an ultra-popular manga comic banned in several Japanese prefectures, ICHI is one of the funniest, most horrific, blood-drenched yakuza thrillers ever made (and director Miike’s most successful film in Japan to date). Nao Omori is Ichi, an immature crybaby who dons a black rubber superhero suit and hatchet blade boots to do the bidding of Shinya Tsukamoto (director of TETSUO: IRON MAN), an unassuming mastermind bent on rending the fabric of Shinjuku’s yakuza and destroying bleach-blond S&M freak/mobster Kakihara (Tadanobu Asano). Be forewarned, Ichi is an equal-opportunity assassin, and both men and women sacrifice body parts when they cross his path!

2009, Lionsgate, 102 min, Japan, Dir: Takeshi Koike

Takeshi Koike’s feature debut is a sensory assault that plays out like DEATH RACE 2000 on crack. Speed demon JP (Takuya Kimura) is determined to win the Redline, a violent intergalactic drag race set to take place on a planet run by warlike cyborgs. “The most insanely exciting, visually exhilarating anime film you've seen in decades.” - Tim Maughan, Anime News Network. English dubbed version.

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