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1962, Janus Films, 95 min, Mexico, Dir: Luis Buñuel

A dinner gathering of wealthy Mexican sophisticates at a mansion devolves when the servants abandon their posts and the guests are inexplicably unable to leave the grand music room. As days wear on, facades and hierarchies dissolve and the upper-crust prisoners become increasingly uncouth and downright animalistic. Luis Buñuel’s merciless takedown of social structures is at once haunting and riotous. Featuring international screen icon and VIRIDIANA star Silvia Pinal. “The great Spanish director Luis Buñuel traps us in the Surrealistic universe of THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL, his most bitter, most brilliant work since VIRIDIANA.” - Roger Ebert. In Spanish with English subtitles.

1961, Janus Films, 90 min, Spain, Dir: Luis Buñuel

One of director Luis Buñuel’s most brilliant, scandalous films was banned in his homeland of Spain and almost got him arrested in Milan. A novice nun (Silvia Pinal) finds herself corrupted by her spectacularly nefarious uncle, Fernando Rey - until she turns the tables on her tio by installing a group of beggars and lepers in his rural mansion. Buñuel gradually, mischievously weaves a web of contradictory impulses: Faith, charity and selflessness become inextricably bound up with lust, hypocrisy and greed in the schizophrenic universe of Old World Latin Catholicism. With longtime Buñuel friend Francisco Rabal. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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