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1950, Kino International, 85 min, Mexico, Dir: Luis Buñuel

Having directed only a handful of for-hire Mexican films in the multiple-decade interim since L’AGE D’OR and LAND WITHOUT BREAD, Spanish refugee Luis Buñuel’s 1950 return to iconoclastic form is this razor-sharp, no-holds-barred docudrama. Teenage delinquent Jaibo (Roberto Cobo), fresh out of a reformatory stint, returns to the savage streets of Mexico City to head up a gang of undesirables who beat up beggars, snatch purses and loiter. But Jaibo has an insatiable itch in violent need of scratching - to settle the score with the stool pigeon who put him away. “Sharp, swift and lethally compact, LOS OLVIDADOS is a celluloid switchblade swiped at the jugular of city living. A ferocious masterpiece... There isn’t a single good shot in LOS OLVIDADOS. They're all perfect.” - Nathan Lee, New York Sun “A MASTERWORK!” - Pauline Kael. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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