1973, Park Circus/MGM, 114 min, USA, Dir: James William Guercio

Arizona motorcycle cop John Wintergreen (Robert Blake) is an ambitious rookie who dreams of being promoted. He gets his wish when an apparent murder leads to an assignment with homicide, but Wintergreen soon realizes that he identifies more with the hippies his partners harass than with his fellow detectives. Trying to solve a murder while dealing with departmental politics, Wintergreen is quickly disillusioned in this blend of Western and urban cop drama. Keep a sharp eye out for members of Chicago, cast in small roles by director James William Guercio, who also managed the band at the time.

1967, Sony Repertory, 134 min, USA, Dir: Richard Brooks

This starkly masterful adaptation of Truman Capote’s true-crime classic emerges as one of the finest films by director Richard Brooks (THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE, THE PROFESSIONALS). Robert Blake and Scott Wilson etch startlingly vivid portrayals of killers Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, two small-time thieves whose bungled home invasion robbery evolved into a slaughter of the helpless Clutter family. Charles McGraw and Jeff Corey are likewise superb as Smith’s and Hickock’s fathers. With John Forsythe as doggedly methodical head investigator Alvin Dewey. Nominated for four Oscars, including Best Director and Screenplay (Brooks), Best Cinematography (Conrad Hall) and Best Music (Quincy Jones).

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