1946, Sony Repertory, 110 min, USA, Dir: Charles Vidor

Put the Blame on Mame! GILDA put Glenn Ford on the map as one of the unique leading men of his generation, and helped elevate Rita Hayworth to Hollywood superstardom in the 1940s. Rita stars as the sultry, torch-singing wife of a South American casino owner (George Macready), who finds herself in serious hot water when she re-connects with former flame Ford. "This is Gilda, Beautiful Deadly, Using all a Woman's Weapons - in Love - and for Revenge."

1935, 20th Century Fox, 89 min, USA, Dir: Harry Lachman

DANTE'S INFERNO features one of the most baffling sequences in the history of Hollywood design - a journey into possibly the most convincing Hell ever seen on screen. Otherwise, the show's a gritty melodrama starring Spencer Tracy (in one of his least favorite roles) as a ruthless carnival hustler whose schemes keep killing people. Along the way, a 16-year-old Rita Hayworth makes her screen debut in a scorching dance number.

1940, Sony Repertory, 79 min, USA, Dir: Ben Hecht, Lee Garmes

An off-beat, mordant melodrama that was written, directed and produced by the great Ben Hecht. A con-man (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) lures a suicidal embezzler into a rigged poker game with an unemployed chanteuse (Rita Hayworth) only to have the tables turned by a boozing playwright (Thomas Mitchell in a superb performance). Hecht received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay with co-director Lee Garmes providing the shadowed cinematography.

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