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1982, 112 min, USA, Dir: Slava Tsukerman

Anne Carlisle stars in a dual role as Margaret and Jimmy, rival New York City models who are both coke fiends. It turns out tiny alien beings also enjoy a good drug rush; when the extraterrestrials also latch on to human orgasms, Margaret begins using sex as a weapon. Among the most original films of the 1980s, Slava Tsukerman's midnight movie classic mashes up UFOs, social satire and New Wave music to dazzling effect. “The funniest, craziest, most perversely beautiful science-fiction movie ever made.” - David Denby, New York Magazine.

1976, Warner Bros., 98 min, USA, Dir: Alfred Sole

Karen (Brooke Shields, in her first role) is all set for her first communion. But before the milestone event, she is found murdered - and her older sister, Alice, is the prime suspect. Alfred Sole’s stylish thriller draws from the Italian giallo films and Nicholas Roeg’s DON’T LOOK NOW, mixing psychological horror, mystery and Catholic guilt. Still criminally underseen, it helped baptize the burgeoning slasher-film genre that would explode the following year with HALLOWEEN

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