2018, Sony Pictures Classics, 188 min, Dir: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

“I wanted to explore human creativity and how it can be that some people take traumatic events of their lives and turn it into beautiful art,” said writer-director Henckel von Donnersmarck (THE LIVES OF OTHERS) of this portrait of an artist inspired by painter Gerhard Richter. Spanning three eras of German history, NEVER LOOK AWAY tells the story of young art student Kurt (Tom Schilling), who falls in love with fellow student Ellie (Paula Beer). Ellie's father, Professor Seeband (Sebastian Koch), a famous doctor, is dismayed at his daughter's choice of boyfriend and vows to destroy the relationship. What neither of them knows is that their lives are already connected through a terrible crime Seeband committed decades ago. Befitting its artistic theme, Caleb Deschanel’s cinematography and Max Richter’s score provide a rich burnish to the film.

2018, Music Box Films, 101 min, Germany/France, Dir: Christian Pezold

Staged in modern dress, acclaimed director Christian Pezold’s (PHOENIX) adaptation of the 1942 novel of the same name follows a man on the run from advancing German troops in France. While fleeing, Georg (Franz Rogowski) acquires documents promising a Mexican visa to an author who had committed suicide in a French hotel. Identity, morality and the meaning of human connection are all brought into question in a thriller that resonates with refugee crises past and present. Also starring Paula Beer and Godehard Giese. “A film that shivers with the awareness of absence, distance and the relentless, elastic course of time’s arrow.” - Guy Lodge, Variety.

2010, Bavaria Film International, 129 min, Germany, Dir: Chris Kraus

It is the eve of World War I when 14-year-old Oda Schaefer (Paula Beer) travels to Estonia with two very unsettling items: her mother's body in a coffin, and a two-headed fetus in a jar (a gift for her father). Thus begins Oda's journey to live with her father, Ebbo (Edgar Selge), a controversial doctor living in a house on stilts above the sea, who has fallen from grace among German scientists due to his seemingly morbid, inhumane medical methods. Oda, also curious about science, discovers the dark secrets of her father’s experimentation laboratory as war closes in, and she secretly uses her medical knowledge to aid a wounded Estonian soldier. Based on the life of the director's aunt! Winner of four German Film Awards. In German with English subtitles.

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