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2014, IFC Films, 165 min, USA, Dir: Richard Linklater

Among the most remarkable films of recent memory, BOYHOOD was shot over a 12-year period to follow the fractured family life of Mason Evans Jr. (Ellar Coltrane) as he moves from grade school to college. As his divorced parents, Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke are equally affecting despite taking different approaches to raising kids. Impressive as the logistical hurdles Linklater and his team surmounted, what’s most memorable about this coming-of-age drama is how right it gets the little moments of this boy’s life - a sad stare as mom drives him away from his hometown for the last time, an encouraging note passed to him at his new school, or an early morning walk with a girlfriend.

2001, Warner Bros., 96 min, USA, Dir: Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry made his feature debut with this subversive and satirical comedy from the pen of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH). Severe body-hair issues led Patricia Arquette into the wilderness, but desire led her back out - and into the arms of research psychologist Tim Robbins. Together they discover a young man (Rhys Ifans) who has been raised as an ape … and the line between man and beast only gets thinner from there.

2013, The Match Factory, 105 min, Belgium, Dir: Sam Garbarski

At age 40, actor Will Wilder (Moritz Bleibtreu) is feeling down in the dumps about his career - he plays Bad Luck Bunny on a New York City children's TV show. After a freak car accident convinces everyone that he’s dead, Will gains an unusual perspective on his life when he decides to attend the funeral disguised as a gentlemanly Sikh, Vijay Singh. Patricia Arquette, Danny Pudi and Michael Imperioli costar in this engaging comedy. In English.

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