1969, Sony Repertory, 105 min, USA, Dir: Paul Mazursky

A groundbreaking, hilarious and still-pointed satire of sexual hang-ups in America. "We came here for an orgy, didn't we?" says repressed housewife Dyan Cannon, just before she joins Natalie Wood and husbands Elliott Gould and Robert Culp in some classic, late-1960s wife-swapping, hot-tubbing action.

1956, Warner Bros., 119 min, USA, Dir: John Ford

John Wayne gives the performance of his career as Ethan Edwards, a deeply troubled Civil War veteran who heads off in search of his kidnapped niece (Natalie Wood) and becomes more obsessive and irrational as his journey progresses. Through Wayne's character, Ford explores the contradictions and dark side of the American frontier.

1961, Warner Bros., 124 min, USA, Dir: Elia Kazan

Natalie Wood gives her greatest performance as an anguished teenager in love with high school beau Warren Beatty - a boy from her town's most prominent family, in director Elia Kazan’s heart-wrenching portrait of forbidden love in 1920s America. Wood’s tormented cries of "I’m a good girl, mama" come from some haunted place few actresses ever reach - her work here earned Wood her second (of three) Oscar nominations as Best Actress.

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