1991, Park Circus/Miramax, 124 min, UK/Netherlands/France, Dir: Peter Greenaway

This highly imaginative retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest stars John Gielgud, here realizing a lifelong ambition to portray Prospero on screen. A magician in exile, he is eager to exact revenge against his enemies until his daughter (Isabelle Pasco) falls in love with his chief rival’s son (Mark Rylance). With its remarkably innovative use of choreography (to a Michael Nyman score), animation and digitally manipulated imagery, Greenaway’s riff on the classic play is among his most dazzlingly visual films.

2013, Rialto Pictures, 90 min, France, Dir: Josiane Balasko

In this heartwarming comedy, writer-director Josiane Balasko plays Nénette, a mentally challenged woman sent to an institution after the death of her mother. But because the place won’t allow her to keep pets, Nénette hits the road in search of her estranged father, with her beloved tortoise in tow. She finds instead her half-brother Paul (Michel Blanc), a man who seems to have little use for family. In French with English subtitles.

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