1945, 20th Century Fox, 68 min, USA, Dir: John Larkin

Lloyd Nolan plays a noble postman trying to save a father (Michael O’Shea) accused of killing the grumpy SOB who roughed up his young son. A deep roster of B-movie stalwarts gives life to this creaky, preachy but hugely entertaining warning about the dangers of “circumstantial evidence.” Directed by John Larkin. NOT ON DVD

1949, RKO [Warner Bros.], 66 min, USA, Dir: Felix Feist

Ruthless killer Red Kluger (Charles McGraw) escapes from prison, vowing vengeance on the cop and D.A. who sent him up. His kidnapping plot culminates in a Mojave hideout - call it “The Petrified Desert” - where the gang waits for a plane to take them to freedom. Director Felix Feist steers the action at a breakneck pace, turning the proceedings into a veritable highlight reel of malicious mayhem courtesy of McGraw, the ultimate noir tough guy. Not on DVD!

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