2002, Cohen Film Collection, 132 min, France / Germany / Romania, Dir: Costa-Gavras

Acclaimed director Costa-Gavras’ thought-provoking adaptation of Rolf Hochhuth’s play The Deputy frames larger historical issues in compelling human drama by focusing on two individuals mired in the bureaucracy of mass murder during WWII. German SS officer Kurt Gerstein (Ulrich Tukur) is shocked to discover that the process he developed to eradicate typhus is being used to exterminate Jews. Believing that public awareness would bring an end to Nazi genocide, he turns to the Vatican, where a young priest (Mathieu Kassovitz) tries to help Gerstein make his case to Pope Pius XII.

1994, 128 min, France, Dir: Mathieu Kassovitz

Hit man Mr. Wagner (Michel Serrault) takes pride in his work; killing isn't just a way of making a living for him, it's a craft. As the aging Wagner feels time slipping away from him, he becomes determined to pass along what he knows - but his new protege Max (Mathieu Kassovitz) isn't quite the apt pupil Wagner expects. Director and star Kassovitz follows up his extraordinary LA HAINE with another potent meditation on violence and morality. In French with English subtitles.

2011, Kinology, 136 min, France, Dir: Mathieu Kassovitz

New Caledonia, 1988: 30 policemen are taken hostage by Kanak separatists. Philippe Legorjus (Mathieu Kassovitz, who also directs), a negotiator sent by the French Army to solve the crisis on the island, finds himself conflicted between his morals and his responsibility as a soldier to obey orders in this action-packed historico-political drama.

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