2016, Outsider Pictures, 90 min, USA/Puerto Rico, Dir: Julio Quintana

In the feature debut from writer-director Julio Quintana, a Latin American fishing village is recovering from a tsunami. Ten years after a tidal wave washed dozens of elementary school students out to sea, young Leo (Lucas Quintana) nearly drowns. The local priest (Martin Sheen) sees his recovery as miraculous, and when Leo begins to build a strange structure out of the old school's remains, the whole town wonders if this is a sign from God. This enigmatic drama was executive produced by Terrence Malick, whom Sheen credited with his own spiritual awakening after the two had collaborated on the 1973 classic BADLANDS. In Spanish with English subtitles.

1974, Warner Bros., 95 min, USA, Dir: Terrence Malick

The first feature from visionary maverick Terrence Malick, based on the Charles Starkweather-Carol Fugate murder spree of the late 1950s, stars Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as innocent, amoral young killers flashing across the desolate American landscape like brushfire. A violent folktale for the modern age, brilliantly written and directed by Malick, and photographed by Brian Probyn, Tak Fujimoto and Stevan Larner.

1979, American Zoetrope, 153 min, USA, Dir: Francis Ford Coppola

Reluctant assassin Martin Sheen leads a motley crew of soldiers upriver to find unhinged and off-the-map colonel Marlon Brando in director Francis Ford Coppola's wildly surreal Vietnam epic. Adapted from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and co-starring - among many others - Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper.

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