2019, 96 min, Canada, Dir: Calvin Thomas, Yonah Lewis

University student Katie Arneson (played with arresting intensity by Kacey Rohl) is struggling to balance life and school with her recent cancer diagnosis. To help pay for both, she starts an online fundraising campaign - the trouble is, Katie’s cancer story is fake. While initially convincing, cracks begin to appear in her story, putting her on a collision course with her girlfriend, her father and university officials, as well as nurses and doctors. A fascinating, tautly constructed psychological drama, WHITE LIE is a searching examination of millennial identity and morality in the age of social media. Included in TIFF's "Canada's Top Ten" list of 2019. “A gripping cautionary tale for the Fake News era.” - Stephen Dalton, Variety.

2011, Tribeca Film, 87 min, USA, Dir: Martin Donovan

Dramatist Robert Longfellow (Martin Donovan, here also directing) returns to his native Los Angeles to escape the scathing reviews of his latest Broadway play, spend time with his mother, consider a second career as a script doctor and re-connect with actress and former flame Emma (Olivia Williams, RUSHMORE). But when Robert’s bonkers neighbor (David Morse) holds him hostage at gunpoint and the situation becomes a media frenzy, the two childhood acquaintances spend a booze and pot-fueled night verbally sparring about the American Left, the American Right and all things in between. With photographer-musician Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole) in her feature film debut as Robert Longfellow's wife, Alice.

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