1971, United Artists, 98 min, USA, Dir: Frank Zappa

“Touring can make you crazy. That's what 200 MOTELS is all about,” noted Frank Zappa, a mad scientist constantly pushing the boundaries of music and film. 200 MOTELS, a surrealistic documentary of life on the road conceived, written and scored by Frank Zappa, features The Mothers of Invention with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and was filmed live (200 MOTELS is the first feature shot on video in six days and transferred to film; cameras were directed by Tony Palmer). Some of Zappa's favorite topics - groupies, mundane Americana, inside jokes – crop up all over this film, with musical interludes to provide transcending breaks where things such as place, time and plot are forgotten. With Theodore Bikel, Keith Moon, and Ringo Starr as Larry the Dwarf disguised as Frank Zappa.

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