2012, Disney, 60 min, USA, Dir: Josh Selig

This musical mockumentary follows four of the cutest spuds to ever rule the radio waves from their humble beginnings on an Idaho potato farm to international pop stardom. But at the height of their fame, the lovable diva Ruby decides that she’s the real star and abandons Nate the jazzy poet, Chip the sweetheart and Olaf the chubby intellectual - until the eventual reunion concert! Featuring musical numbers punctuated by interviews with fans, a former manager, and the Southern DJ who helped them to early success, this animated treat was created as a THIS IS SPINAL TAP for the preschool set but has picked up an even larger fan base of older kids and tweens. Recommended ages: 3 and up.

1973, Warner Bros., 178 min, UK, Dir: Lindsay Anderson

This incredible surrealistic allegory is a stunning sequel to IF..., following the adventures of Travis (Malcolm McDowell) as he seeks his fortune navigating an untamed frontier of nuclear-plant meltdowns, experimental genetics clinics and Swinging London. With Rachel Roberts, Ralph Richardson, Helen Mirren and Alan Price.

2004, TLA Releasing, 111 min, Italy, Dir: David Grieco

It is 1984 in Kiev, and communist professor Andrej Romanovic Evilenko (Malcolm McDowell) is dismissed from his teaching position after charges of pedophilic behavior toward one of his students. Thus begins the harrowing real-life tale of a serial killer who terrorized Russia, raping, killing and cannibalizing women and children, with magistrate and family man Vadim Timurouvic Lesiev (Marton Csokas) assigned to catch the psychopath before more civilians fall prey to his depravities.

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