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1982, Universal, 118 min, USA, Dir: Paul Schrader

Director Paul Schrader adds a glossy ’80s eroticism to Jacques Tourneur’s ’40s horror classic about a race of people who turn into cats when sexually aroused. Nastassja Kinski travels to New Orleans to visit long-separated brother Malcolm McDowell, who goes missing right around the time a black panther attacks a prostitute. Giorgio Moroder’s synth-pop score includes the David Bowie hit “Cat People (Putting Out Fire).”

1994, Paramount, 118 min, USA, Dir: David Carson

The torch is passed to “The Next Generation” of the venerable sci-fi franchise in this exciting big-screen adventure. Patrick Stewart stars as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who leads the crew of the USS Enterprise-D against Tolian Soran (Malcolm McDowell), whose attempts to enter the Nexus threaten all planets in his path. Along with the “TNG” series cast, William Shatner lends a hand as the previously presumed dead Captain James T. Kirk.

2007, Double M Productions, 111 min, USA, Dir: Mike Kaplan

This unique hybrid of film, theater and literature is Malcolm McDowell’s celebration of his friend and mentor, Lindsay Anderson, the award-winning director who cast the actor in his first starring role in IF… This hilarious and moving mix of McDowell’s reminiscences, writings by and about Anderson, and more than 200 visuals bring the legendary iconoclast to life, along with (through the actor's uncanny impressions) their notable colleagues, including Bette Davis, Alan Bates, John Ford, John Gielgud, Rachel Roberts and Lillian Gish. "McDowell and Kaplan pull off a very surprising coup that grips consistently for every one of its 111 minutes.” - David Robinson, Sight and Sound

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