1976, AGFA, 85 min, Hong Kong/Singapore, Dir: Ho Meng-Hua

Ho Meng-Hua's sleazy, hilarious, creep-tastic, bonkers, turned-up-to-11, sorcery-vs-science sequel to his own BLACK MAGIC weaves the absurd tale of skeptical city doctors visiting a small village as reports pour out of bizarre inexplicable maladies plaguing the townspeople. The madness includes spell-induced zombification inflicted via squeamishly long nails in skulls, skin worms, puss, oozing sores, pulsating wounds, a breastmilk-eternal-life-elixir-consuming sorcerer, necrophilia and even more! Elevated by periodic hypnotic surrealism, gothic decor, voodoo dungeon lairs, an effortlessly cool performance from Shaw regular Lo Lieh (DIRTY HO, THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN), and a funkadelic soundtrack featuring the likes of Nicolas Flagello's absurdly catchy theme song “Wailing Wail,” plus “Last Bongo in Belgium” by Viner's Incredible Bongo Band (later sampled by the Beastie Boys for the track “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun”). Assuredly one of the wackiest, most unhinged slices of exploitation horror heaven from the gloriously trashy days of the Shaw Brothers, you'd have to be a mindless zombie yourself to miss this one!

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