1984, 20th Century Fox, 106 min, USA, Dir: Robert Zemeckis

Mild-mannered author Joan Wikder (Kathleen Turner) suddenly finds herself at the center of an adventure right out of one of her own romance novels when her sister is kidnapped. Joan flies to Colombia, where she meets dashing exporter Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) and finds love and intrigue as she hunts for the hidden treasure at the center of her sister's kidnapping plot. Danny DeVito costars in this deliriously entertaining blend of romance, comedy, and action.

1994, Universal, 95 min, USA, Dir: John Waters

Writer-director John Waters’ gift for tasteless humor and interest in criminal behavior reaches its zenith in this outrageous black comedy. Kathleen Turner gives a tour-de-force performance as Beverly Sutphin, a suburban housewife who responds to even the slightest offense with lethal force. As Beverly defends herself in court after her arrest, SERIAL MOM skewers our obsession with celebrity outlaws as effectively as this June Cleaver-with-a-meat-cleaver does her victims. Co-starring Sam Waterston, and featuring a host of Waters favorites including Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Patricia Hearst.

1985, Disney, 130 min, Dir: John Huston

Mob hit man Jack Nicholson falls in love with Kathleen Turner, only to learn that she, too, is an assassin for hire. In director John Huston's hands this relationship between two killers becomes a hilarious parody of domesticity, until the nature of their work takes a dark, disturbing turn. With Anjelica Huston (Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner).

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