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2018, 108 min, UK/USA, Dir: Jim Hosking

Jim Hosking’s follow-up to THE GREASY STRANGLER is every bit as crazy as you would expect. Lulu Danger’s (Aubrey Plaza) unsatisfying marriage takes a strange turn when a man from her past comes to town to perform a mysterious event called “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn; For One Magical Night Only.” Lulu’s world is populated with grotesque characters who say and do stupid things, and while each of their stories could be its own film, all the disparate elements come together for an absolutely insane finale. Director Hosking has a knack for off-kilter comedy, expertly balancing Lynchian small-town desolation with Jared Hess-style absurdity, and Plaza’s terrific central performance ensures that for every gross joke there’s an unexpectedly tender moment that lends depth and compassion to this bizarre world.

2014, Unison Films, 85 min, New Zealand/USA, Dir: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi

The creative team behind HBO’s popular “Flight of the Conchords” serves up this deadpan mockumentary of the undead as centuries-old vampires Viago, Deacon, Petyr and Vladislav struggle with the mundane tasks of modern life in Wellington, New Zealand. “WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS never sags or drags, delivering its comic punches with surgical precision and then getting off the stage.” - Alonso Duralde, The Wrap.

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