2020, Netflix, 154 min, USA, Dir: Spike Lee

Four African American veterans (Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters, Norm Lewis and Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) return to Vietnam decades after their service to find their squad leader's remains. They are also searching for a stash of CIA gold that they'd buried for safekeeping during the war - but that hidden fortune may be better left alone. In the hands of Oscar winner Spike Lee, this gritty military drama revisits one of the most tempestuous times in recent history to find echoes in today's America. Co-starring Chadwick Boseman, Jonathan Majors and Jean Reno.

1988, Gaumont, 138 min, France, Dir: Luc Besson

Sea lover Luc Besson lets his devotion to all things oceanic, particularly the experience of diving, run the full gamut of emotions here, making the water a character in and of itself. His very personal film is part mystical quest, part bittersweet romantic comedy, with Jacques (Jean-Marc Barr), who lost his diver father to the ocean, obsessed with proving himself more dolphin than man. Johanna (Rosanna Arquette) meets and falls in love with him while she is on a trip to Peru. She begins to follow Jacques on his mission, journeying to Taormina, Italy, where he will compete against childhood friend Enzo (Jean Reno) for a deep-sea free-diving championship (diving without oxygen tanks). “The real star of the film, however, is the third corner of the love triangle, the sea itself. Sumptuously captured by Besson's camera, and brought to life by Eric Serra's haunting score, it is sometimes beautiful and calm, other times dark and threatening. … There are so many reasons to love this film, and an opportunity to catch it in all its soaring majesty on the big screen should not be missed.” – Ben Stephens, Edinburgh University Film Society.

1983, Gaumont, 93 min, France, Dir: Luc Besson

Shooting in luminously stark black-and-white, director Luc Besson paints a bleak, evocative, post-apocalyptic portrait of a dying world where people no longer speak and sometimes the sky rains fish. For this, his debut feature, Besson remade his first film, the sci-fi short "L'Avant Dernier." With Pierre Jolivet and Jean Reno.

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