2012, Magnolia, 118 min, Dir: Terrence Malick

Writer-director Terrence Malick drew from his own life to take an abstract look at romantic connections and disconnections. While traveling in Paris, Neil (Ben Affleck) falls for Marina (Olga Kurylenko), bringing the Ukrainian divorcée and her 10-year old daughter with him to his native Oklahoma. But the relationship falters in this deeply spiritual drama, beautifully shot by Emmanuel Lubezki. With Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem.

2013, 100 min, Spain, Dir: Santiago Zannou

Julián (Álex González) and his best friend are members of a neo-Nazi group led by the fanatical Solís (Javier Bardem). While training in a gym, Julián finds a more benevolent mentor in ex-boxer Carlomonte (Carlos Bardem, who wrote the novel on which the film was based), as well as a new girlfriend, Alyssa (Judith Diakhate). Under their influence, Julián tries to begin a new life - but Solis and his gang have other plans. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2010, 147 min, France, Dir: Alejandro González Iñárritu

This is a story of a man in free fall. On the road to redemption, darkness lights his way. Connected with the afterlife, Uxbal is a tragic hero and father of two who's sensing the danger of death. He struggles with a tainted reality and a fate that works against him in order to forgive, for love, and forever.

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