1938, Warner Bros., 78 min, USA, Dir: William A. Seiter

Groucho, Chico and Harpo stall to extend their hotel credit while trying to mount a play - with the expected chaotic results - in this zany Marx Brothers farce. Based on the play by Allen Boretz and John Murray, ROOM SERVICE is not only a delightful showcase for the brothers themselves, but for comedienne Lucille Ball, whose presence almost makes up for the lack of Margaret Dumont!

1941, Warner Bros., 83 min, USA, Dir: Charles Reisner

When department store co-owner and heir Tommy Rogers (Tony Martin) makes the unpopular decision to sell and an attempt is made on his life, he hires the world’s worst private detective, Wolf J. Flywheel (Groucho Marx), to protect him and track down the assailant. Groucho is joined by Chico and Harpo in this hilarious slapstick farce, with freewheeling department store antics that include the use of elevators, chandeliers, roller skates and a mail chute!

1935, Warner Bros., 96 min, Dir: Sam Wood

The Marx Brothers' first film for MGM – also their first without Zeppo and their biggest box office hit – finds them in the mix with a couple of beleaguered opera-singer pals who are having career trouble. Enjoy the stateroom scene, the contract routine and tons of great one-liners. And remember: "There ain't no sanity clause!" Numerous writers (many uncredited) include George S. Kaufman and even Buster Keaton. With Kitty Carlisle, Allan Jones, Sig
Ruman and Margaret Dumont.

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