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1941, Universal, 71 min, Dir: Edward F. Cline

W.C. Fields hopes to sell a script to Esoteric Studios. Which includes Fields falling out of an airplane trying to retrieve a bottle and finding himself in the home of Mrs. Hemogloben (Margaret Dumont) and a teenage girl (Gloria Jean) who immediately falls in love with him. Also features Leon Errol and Franklin Pangborn.

1944, Universal, 65 min, Dir: Julien Duvivier, Reginald Le Borg

Originally intended to be the opening tale of FLESH AND FANTASY, Universal elected to turn this segment into a 65-minute stand-alone feature, its added passages directed by Reginald Le Borg. A pair of robbers (Alan Curtis and Frank Craven) hide out in rural Paradise Valley, where the townsfolk are so pleasant and trusting that the crooks eagerly map out a plan to rob them blind. But a farmer’s daughter (Gloria Jean), who really is blind, has a big surprise in store for one of them.

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