2011, 96 min, Germany, Dir: Henrik Handloegten

Juliane (Nina Hoss, star of official 2013 German Oscar entry BARBARA) and August (Mark Waschke) are a happy new couple, despite having met in unhappy circumstances on the day that Julianne's friend Emily (Fritzi Haberlandt) died. While traveling with August in Finland, Juliane awakens one morning to find herself transported back to Berlin. She has traveled back in time - precisely six months earlier - before she met her new love. In a bizarre twist of fate, Juliane re-experiences the events that led up to a tragic event and a major change in her life. Is what at first glance appears to be a cruel setback actually a second chance...? Director Hendrik Handloegten delivers a trenchant and even suspenseful drama, which addresses loss, impossible love and love made impossible by outside circumstances. Nominated for three German Film Awards, including Best Supporting Actress (Haberlandt), Best Cinematography and Best Film Score. Based on the novel by Hannelore Valencak. In German with English subtitles.

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