1987, 93 min, Japan, USA, Dir: Don Jurwich

In this feature-length spinoff of the beloved 1980s TV show, the G.I. Joe soldiers join newest hero Lt. Falcon (Don Johnson) to take on the evil forces of Cobra, whose ancient Lovecraftian history is revealed as a new enemy, Golobulus (Burgess Meredith), enters the scene. Featuring many of the same cast members as THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, with Wally Burr once again directing the voices of Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, Chris Latta, Michael Bell, Dan Gilvezan, Neil Ross, Corey Burton, Jack Angel and Gregg Berger, with Joe regulars Michael Bell, Bill Ratner and wrestler Sgt. Slaughter.

1975, First Run Features, 91 min, USA, Dir: L.Q. Jones

Jason Robards and Don Johnson star in this cult classic, an adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s short story about the survivors of a nuclear holocaust. Slyly satiric, the film was directed by character actor (and Peckinpah favorite) L.Q. Jones.

1996, Warner Bros., 135 min, USA, Dir: Ron Shelton

The director and star of BULL DURHAM reteam for this engaging romantic comedy set in the world of professional golf. Kevin Costner is Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy, a gifted but reckless ex-golfer now content to hang out with his buddies on the driving range he owns. When a beautiful psychologist (Rene Russo) shows up for golf lessons, he’s immediately attracted but the woman already has a boyfriend (McAvoy’s former golf partner, now a tournament star). Tin Cup hits the comeback trail to battle his old rival for the U.S. Open title and Russo’s affections. With Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.

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