1942, Universal, 60 min, USA, Dir: Harold Young

Foran, Zucco and Ford return for this atmospheric and fast-paced sequel set thirty years after THE MUMMY’S HAND. Here Lon Chaney Jr. debuts in the role of Kharis; and his caretaker Turhan Bey brings the mummy to America to avenge the desecration of Princess Ananka’s tomb in the previous film, by killing all the archeologists and their descendents.

1940, Universal, 67 min, USA, Dir: Christy Cabanne

The first of Universal’s MUMMY sequels returns to Egypt, as Indiana Jones-style adventurer Dick Foran squares off against nefarious George Zucco and the immortal mummy Kharis (played by a surprisingly effective Tom Tyler). First-rate matinee style entertainment. With Peggy Moran and Wallace Ford.

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