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1949, Universal, 78 min, USA, Dir: Joseph M. Newman

Gale Storm plays a naive young woman who’s come to Los Angeles in search of her missing sister. Shunned by the police, she’s assisted by an intrepid reporter (Dennis O’Keefe), who smells a story when he gets wind of an underground racket in black-market babies. Featuring film noir favorites Raymond Burr and Mike Mazurki, and the screen debut of future star Jeff Chandler. NOT ON DVD.

1943, Warner Bros., 66 min, USA, Dir: Jacques Tourneur

This seminal adaptation of Cornell Woolrich’s novel Black Alibi is brilliantly realized by Tourneur and legendary producer Val Lewton. Dennis O'Keefe hires a supposedly tame leopard to hype his girlfriend's nightclub act. The felonious feline escapes as a wave of murderous terror envelops a small New Mexico town. A groundbreaking visualization of dark suspense that remains one of the earliest and finest screen adaptations of Woolrich’s work.

1947, 92 min, USA, Dir: Anthony Mann

Director Anthony Mann and DP John Alton - king of chiaroscuro - pull out all the stops in relating the intensely exciting and shockingly brutal tale of Treasury agents, led by the redoubtable Dennis O’Keefe, going undercover to infiltrate a cadre of counterfeiters. Great character bits from Charles McGraw and Wallace Ford in a vivid script by crime scribe John C. Higgins. One of the most artfully arresting visual spectacles of the original film noir era!

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