1965, 99 min, Mexico/USA, Dir: Servando González

A truly bizarre yet imaginative product of the 1960s, THE FOOL KILLER (aka VIOLENT JOURNEY) is a darkly poetic Western set in the pastoral post-Civil War South. Directed by Mexican filmmaker Servando González, the film stars Anthony Perkins in a Norman Bates-like role as philosophizing wanderer-turned-ax murderer Milo, who takes under his wing a 12-year-old runaway named George (Edward Albert). George, not unlike Huck Finn, has faced so many dangerous characters in his life - including his abusive foster parents - that he gladly accepts the unhinged yet oddly affectionate Milo as his sole friend. Together they roam the country without a care – except for George’s fear of the “Fool Killer,” an 8-foot-tall boogeyman rumored to be lurking the roads.

1986, Hemdale Film, 87 min, USA, Dir: Robert Taicher

Elliott Gould is Jimmy Morgan, an agoraphobic whose world is constrained by the walls of his Manhattan apartment. An inheritance has financed Morgan’s cloistered lifestyle for four years, but as his gambling debts and business problems mount, cracks appear in the shell. As a man growing as desperate as he is isolated, Gould gives one of his best performances in this ingeniously designed drama, which also features Jennifer Tilly, Howard Hesseman and Dana Elcar.

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