1952, Warner Bros., 75 min, USA, Dir: John Reinhardt

An unemployed photographer (Dan Duryea) returns to his Bunker Hill apartment the morning after a drinking binge and is greeted by his wife and daughter Nancy, who are leaving him for good. A heartbreaking, suspenseful odyssey transpires on the streets of downtown L.A. with a desperate Duryea, in one of his finest screen performances, attempting to save both his family and himself - with the help of a lively young boy in need of a father figure, who accidentally crosses paths with Duryea. Beautifully helmed by John Reinhardt with Mary Anderson, Gordon Gebert and Ross Elliott.

1966, MGM/Park Circus, 89 min, Italy, Dir: Carlo Lizzani

Ex-Confederate soldiers Thomas Hunter and Nando Gazollo turn to crime, but when a heist sends Hunter to jail and Gazollo ends up with the loot, the newly incarcerated Hunter vows revenge. When he gets out of jail, he discovers that his old partner has killed his family and teamed up with psycho Henry Silva - luckily, mysterious gunman Dan Duryea proves to be a useful ally in Hunter's quest for revenge. In English.

1956, Universal, 103 min, USA, Dir: Arnold Laven

This stepson to ON THE WATERFRONT packs a wallop of its own. An upstart district attorney (Richard Egan) tries to crack the New York waterfront’s mob-enforced code of silence and mete out justice for a murdered whistleblower. Jan Sterling is terrific as the victim’s widow, heading a dynamite supporting cast of familiar and fantastic character actors, including Dan Duryea, Charles McGraw, Sam Levene and Walter Matthau. Lawrence Roman’s fact-based script is vigorously directed by Arnold Laven. NOT ON DVD

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