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1982, 93 min, USA, Dir: Larry Cohen

Q is a winged resurrected Aztec deity decapitating New York citizens - and two-bit piano player Michael Moriarty knows just which skyscraper hides its nest. He intends to profit from the knowledge, much to the dismay of cops David Carradine and Richard Roundtree.

1976, Rialto Pictures, 139 min, UK, Dir: Nicolas Roeg

This stylish cult favorite stars rocker David Bowie (in his feature debut) as the exotic and mysterious Thomas Jerome Newton - an extraterrestrial hoping to save his drought-ravaged planet. With his advanced technology, Newton easily amasses wealth and power, but he has considerably more trouble dealing with human desires and fears. Enigmatic and beautiful, this is one of the most distinctive sci-fi films of the 1970s. Costarring Rip Torn, Candy Clark and Buck Henry.

1983, Sony Repertory, 109 min, USA, Dir: John Badham

Déjà vu 1983! The government has unleashed its newest weapon: a heavily armed helicopter that can spy on civilians from 1,000 feet and incinerate entire city blocks. The only ones who can stop Big Brother (in the form of Malcolm McDowell’s fascist cop) from using it against us are Vietnam vet-turned-police chopper pilot Roy Scheider and his tech-savvy partner, Daniel Stern. Director John Badham's paranoid actioner flies high with stunning cinematography by John Alonzo and dazzling dogfights over downtown L.A.

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