2014, The Orchard, 94 min, Dir: Lulu Wang

History is filled with artists who die before their work is fully appreciated, but Liam Price (Jack Huston) wants it both ways; after an erroneous report of his death causes the value of his work to skyrocket, Liam pretends to be the brother of the deceased. Freelance writer McKenzie Grain (a wonderful Brit Marling) senses something doesn’t quite fit, but that doesn’t keep her from being drawn to Liam. Though a classic screwball premise, this bright romantic comedy still has plenty of fresh touches, including a fine soundtrack and picturesque Berlin setting.

2012, Roadside Attractions, 107 min, USA, Dir: Nicholas Jarecki

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is caught making illegal deals by a business partner and has just days to balance his books to avoid jail time. In addition, Miller is in the midst of a cat-and-mouse game with a detective (Tim Roth) investigating him for covering up the accidental killing of his mistress. ARBITRAGE is both a tense, edge-of your-seat thriller (think Bernie Madoff meets MATCH POINT) and a complex character study expertly executed by Gere.“Mr. Gere is one of cinema's great walkers, graced with a suggestively predatory physical suppleness, and he slips through the movie like a panther. He's the film's most deluxe item.” - Manohla Dargis, New York Times.

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