1934, Universal, 65 min, USA, Dir: Edgar Ulmer

Cat-fearing Bela Lugosi pursues devil-worshipping Boris Karloff through his crazed, Bauhaus-on-acid mansion, sitting atop the bodies of thousands of WW I vets.

THE MUMMY (1932)
1932, Universal, 73 min, USA, Dir: Karl Freund

Boris Karloff gives one of his finest performances as the 3,000-year-old Egyptian who returns from the dead to reclaim reincarnated love Zita Johann, in cinematographer-turned-director Karl Freund’s marvelously atmospheric chiller - easily the best of many mummy films to come.

1963, MGM Repertory, 86 min, USA, Dir: Roger Corman

Director Roger Corman’s most liberal Edgar Allan Poe adaptation is a charmingly offbeat comic fantasy, with Vincent Price as a benevolent sorcerer challenged by evil magician Boris Karloff to prove who is the most powerful. Mutual friend and chicken-hearted wizard Peter Lorre, with Jack Nicholson tagging along (as Lorre’s son!), get caught in the middle of the magic duel. Both cinematographer Floyd Crosby and art director Daniel Haller help to make this eye-popping film more expensive-looking than it actually was. With Hazel Court.

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