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1993, Buena Vista Pictures, 96 min, USA, Dir: Kenny Ortega

Over 300 years ago, the Sanderson sisters (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy) were executed in Salem, Massachusetts, for witchcraft, but they swore to return. On Halloween, new kid in town Max (Omri Katz) lights a cursed candle that resurrects the witches, who seek to steal the lives of Salem's children. Now Max, his sister Dani, his crush Alison and Thackery Binx, a child who was turned into a cat by the witches, must stop the evil before it's too late.

1986, Buena Vista, 103 min, USA, Dir: Paul Mazursky

In this hilarious reworking of Jean Renoir’s BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING, Dave Whiteman (Richard Dreyfuss) and wife Barbara (Bette Midler) seem to have it all - a beautiful house, two kids and a Border Collie - but something’s missing. When the homeless Jerry Baskin (Nick Nolte) tries to drown himself in the Whitemans’ pool, Dave thinks he’s found someone who understands that life is more than material wealth; however, Jerry adapts to luxury with surprising ease. With Little Richard. “A California comedy that is generous and scathing in equal measure.” - Janet Maslin, The New York Times.

1986, Buena Vista Pictures, 93 min, USA, Dir: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker

Kidnappers Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater think they've found their ticket to the good life when they snatch Bette Midler, the wife of a wealthy businessman (Danny DeVito). The problem is that the woman's husband was already planning to murder her and is thrilled to have her out of the way. This is only the first of an endless series of clever - and hilariously nasty - twists and turns in this brilliant farce from the creators of AIRPLANE! and TOP SECRET.

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