1943, 20th Century Fox, 103 min, USA, Dir: Busby Berkeley

Alice Faye may get top billing, but this insane Technicolor Busby Berkeley musical is most famous for the chorines holding up giant bananas while Carmen Miranda sings "Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat." As a bonus, Edward Everett Horton, one of Hollywood’s greatest “sissies,” is featured. High camp! Featuring Benny Goodman and the Benny Goodman orchestra.

"By the time Berkeley's chorus girls wave huge phallic bananas in rhythmic waves, you'll swear you're lost in a giant fruit cocktail."
- TV Guide

Peyton Potter: [inspecting lipstick on his handkerchief] Hmm... ketchup?
Mrs. Peyton Potter: No doubt. And from a Brazilian tomato.

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