2014, 78 min, Croatia, Dir: Darko Suvak

Ani (Areta Curkovic) and best friend Ljilja (Daria Lorenci) are struggling to keep their new Zagreb massage salon in business, but their loan shark is losing patience and their adult children keep asking for money, too. Robbing a bank might do the trick - and as it turns out, a friend of theirs is an assistant manager at one. In Croatian with English subtitles.

2013, HRT/Croatian Radiotelevision, 75 min, Croatia, Dir: Dalibor Matanić

Though housewife Keka (Areta Ćurković) feels her marriage to Baja (Nikša Butijer) may be out of steam, the attentions of inept handyman Ilija (Goran Bogdan) are little consolation. After a warring Baja and Ilija practically destroy her home, Keka escapes to a coastal village, where a third man (Bojan Navojec) enters the picture. As in his earlier CASHIER WANTS TO GO TO THE SEASIDE, writer-director Matanić mines plenty of humor from these characters’ mundane lives, including some wonderful slapstick sequences. In Croatian with English subtitles.

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