1929, Rialto, 75 min, UK, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

Shot as both a silent and a talkie (Britain’s first), this outstanding suspense thriller puts both Anny Ondra and police detective boyfriend John Longden to the test after a man is killed in self-defense and a blackmailer threatens to spin it as murder. BLACKMAIL is among the most involving of Hitchcock’s pre-war films. The climactic chase through the British Museum will leave you breathless.

1929, Rialto, 100 min, UK, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

An innkeeper’s daughter (the luminous Anny Ondra) falls in love with a lawyer on the rise (Malcolm Keen) but agrees to marry the man’s fisherman friend (Carl Brisson) - whose temporary disappearance complicates all three lives. Anchored by a darker love triangle than that of THE RING (which also starred Brisson), this drama is set on the Isle of Man and was shot in Cornwall, displaying some spectacular scenery.

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