2016, 60 min, Uganda, Dir: Isaac Nawibana

Are you ready for the craziest, most over-the-top action film ever seen ... from Wakaliwood, Uganda?! Bolstered by a love of action movies and a can-do attitude, the country’s most prolific filmmaker and his motley crew go to extraordinary lengths to create the best action movies known to mankind: From carving guns and ammo pouches out of wood to learning kung fu by copying ALL the moves from Bruce Lee films, these men pull out all stops to create wall-to-wall insanity, and the effect is hypnotizing. With almost every action movie trope imaginable - from heists to car chases, exploding helicopters to long bouts of hand-to-hand combat - this is the film that makes you realize how painfully lame Hollywood action films look compared with the wild, vivid and wonderful world of Wakaliwood.

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